Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pickup Pole Alignment to String E

The high E-string is not aligned to the pickup pole.Is this normal to Silver Stars? Can this affect the sound quality? If you have the same Silver Star as mine please check it.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Under the Pickguard

Vintage Tokai pickups. Can somebody tell me the specs of these pickups? There are no marks or stamps. But it sounded very nice. sustain and tone was just awesome. Or, the pickups are already replaced with a new ones. I hope not...

Notice the toggle switch. It is 5 way. but the previous owner gave the original 3 way switch. I planning to put it back. What do you think?

Oxidizing Bridge

The nickle plated bridge already oxidizing. Rusted screws. Notice the pickguard screw is already generic, im planning to buy a new set of nice screws. This is a 70's type of bridge saddles. Very nice!!!

Serial Number and Logo Almost Removed

The name and serial number almost removed by the previous owners. Luckily they did not start on the first part of the serial numbers. So I know the age of this relic. It says 9006???... =) cool isn't it? Check the link to verify.

1977 = 7000xxx
1978 = 8000xxx
1979 = 900xxxx
1980 = 000xxxx
1981 = 101xxxx


Vintage tuning pegs, with insert hole for excess string. Younger Silver Stars doesn't doesn't have this. Notice the bullet trussrod?

Body Code and "36" Engraved on Finger Board

An evidence that I got a genuine Tokai SS36. (Congratulations to me!!!). I think I got one of the first batch of these guitars. I haven't seen anybody yet discussed about the number "36" on the finger boards. Do I really have a rare Silver Star 36? The body code inside are still intact. It says ??=??? OW, (OW for Olympic White)

Tokai Silver Star Vintage Guitar Info Gathering

This blog was all about the Tokai Silver Star, I am trying to get as much information on the web for this amazing vintage axe.

Here is my amazing Silver Star SS36. Olympic White. I got on a guitar forum. Traded my Ibanez SA160BS. 1979 is the birth year according to its serial number that was almost removed by the previous owners. Maybe they attempted to replace it with a fender logo.

Silver Stars are known to be one of the best Fender CBS Stratocaster copy around. Some even say it is better than some late 70's Fender Stratocasters. Features Alder body, maple neck with rosewood finger board, three single coil pickups. This model was made after the 1976 Strats since during that year, all Fender Strats have black pickguards and knobs. 3 bolt neck with adjustable tilt and a bullet trussrod.